My AR Puppy: Virtual Pet Dog S

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My AR Puppy is the game the whole family will want to play! My AR Puppy combines the magic of augmented reality with the power of puppy training. Real-life meets augmented reality in our latest app. A cute, furry friend lives in your phone and needs your care and attention. Select from super cute puppies just waiting to be loved.

My AR Puppy is a revolutionary interactive pet game, where you raise and care for your 3D virtual puppy. It is the first and only virtual pet care game that allows kids to nurture a puppy using augmented reality technology. They can feed, walk, play and train their pup in the real world - all through their smartphone or tablet.

With just the tap of a button, personalize your puppy's name and unique features, dress it up with a curated collection of clothes. You can even pick your dog's breed, fur color, eye colour, and so much more Once your custom AR Puppy is ready, simply place your 3D virtual puppy on any flat surface and watch as your puppy springs to life and play with it as it grows!

Playtime just got way cooler! The app features a range of fun and interactive games that let users earn points and rewards as they learn to care for their new pup. Games include fetch, treat search, hide & seek, agility, and more! My AR Puppy will also sync to GPS so users can walk their dogs and track their mileage in their own real neighborhood.

My AR Puppy is a perfect way to introduce little ones to the fundamentals of pet responsibility as games are designed to teach kids about proper behavior, exercise, and training as they play with their pups. They learn what animals need - from grooming and eating to exercising - while they stay active as they play! For any kid who loves dogs or needs a friend, AR Puppy gives them a digital friend to raise, play with and learn about responsibility. You don’t have to say NO to your kid anymore about getting a pet puppy, isn’t that amazing?

Be rewarded for caring for your cute AR puppy with the best pet care in the real world! Earn money for your pup by leveling up and earning rewards. My AR Puppy is the best free AR pet game currently available!

Please NOTE:

- My AR Puppy is playable with ARKit compatible devices.
- My AR Puppy is free but some extra items can be purchased with money.

My AR Puppy was created by Monty Media, which was founded by a mom of three young kids and two pet Dachshunds, Monty and Juliette. The app was built by Theia Interactive, a leader in the development of AR applications across verticals. My AR Puppy is Monty Media’s second iOS app. The first app is Monty’s Backyard Adventure and is available in the Apple App Store.